Image of Dumb Stuttering Free

Dumb Stuttering Free

by Atticus Davis

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First book legitimately published by Oregon Book Awards 2013 winning publisher, Bedouin Books. Thanks M. D'Alessandro!

62 pages, letterpress cover, hand sewn & assembled.

$10 USD postage paid—domestic only.

Atticus Davis' poems make overtures to truth, the fantasy of modern men, at once with a parcity of line and language, while exploding outward in sound and signal. in these poems, truth is dissected in much the same way as the Sicilian poet Danilo Dolci, with a careful crafting of diction akin to David Meltzer. Davis reveals to us what is at the heart of liberty: hesitance. that we stutter through it as we through fear and complacency. what is rendered here is the final epitaph to the fantasy of truth, realized through spartan etchings of close to the bone experiences.